PowerKeep 50 Solar Cooler

PowerKeep 50 is the all-in-one rugged entertainment hub for your outdoor adventures. A 50 quart ice cooler with integrated solar panels keeps an all-day battery charged up to power built-in Bluetooth speakers, as well as your phones and tablets. This state-of-the-art cooler with 6+ day ice storage is perfect for camping or tailgating as it also includes an interchangeable device tray and cutting board with solar panel, ,theft protection and more!

You’ll never be left in the dark with this innovative solar cooler. It features LED lighting within the cooler’s interior and a mobile app indicating battery status, solar panel input, charging time, internal cooler temperature, Bluetooth speaker control and theft protection status.

Charge your phone, tablet, drone, action camera or any USB-connected mobile device while cooling your food and drinks and singing along to your favorite songs. The PowerKeep 50 solar cooler — and all of its awesome features — is here!

Don’t get left in the dark…
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