Slide Picking the Right Light for Every Room Bathroom: Bring bright light to your bathroom with or without a window using daylight bulbs. At 5000 kelvins, these A19 bulbs provide instant brightness at the temperature of natural lighting. Slide Picking the Right Light for Every Room Study/Office:
BR30 floodlights are a popular bulb, great for work or play. Ideal for recessed lighting or downward-focused lamps, these bulbs are an excellent way to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing quality of light.
Slide Picking the Right Light for Every Room Dining Room: Flame-tipped bulbs like the CA10 or blunt-tipped bulbs like the B10 are an elegant finish to your dining room chandelier. Always check the size of the base prior to selecting you bulb. If it looks smaller than your typical socket, you may need the smaller E16 base of the CA10C or B10C. Slide Picking the Right Light for Every Room Bedroom:
Soft White (2700K) A19 dimmable bulbs work nicely in lamps or overhead lighting. The frosted, shatter-resistant polycarbonate material makes these incredibly versatile bulbs the standard for a wide range of household uses.

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Why LEDs

  • Cost Savings

    Compared to incandescent bulbs LED bulbs are more durable, more energy efficient, safer and have a longer operational life expectancy, helping you save money.

  • Mercury Free

    Unlike incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, LED bulbs do not contain mercury nor other toxic gases.

  • Long Lasting

    LED bulbs are more efficient, waste less energy and last years longer than incandescent bulbs.

  • Shatter Resistant

    Our shatter-resistant design offers users a new layer of protection while fortifying the LED bulbs for even longer lifespans.

A Better Bulb

  • Advanced Dimming Technology

    A great way to create atmosphere and set the mood, Energizer LEDs offer instant light and flicker-free dimming. Just the way lights should work.*
    *Dimming technology available only on bulbs identified as DIMMABLE

  • Shatter Resistant

    Sometimes accidents happen. Our ultra-rugged, shatter-resistant design can withstand many of life’s mishaps.

  • Damp Rated

    Enjoy your hot, steamy showers safely with our sealed, moisture-resistant bulbs.

  • Energy Efficient

    LED bulbs are the new standard in lighting efficiency, far exceeding incandescent and CFLs. Save Money. Help the environment. Switch to LED. Check out the Energy Star certification.


Simple Savings

A recent article written by the Consumer Federation of America found that the average household saves more than $100 per year by switching to LEDs from incandescent bulbs. Read the full article on USA Today.

Incandescent Wattage (non-dimmable) Energy Cost per Year (incandescent) Energizer LED Replacement Wattage (non-dimmable) Lumens Annual cost (LED) % savings with Energizer LED bulbs
40 $4.82 6 450 $0.72 85%
60 $7.23 9 800 $1.08 85%
65 $7.83 9 650 $1.08 86%
100 $12.05 15 1600 $1.81 85%

Based on the FTC labeling requirements of 3 hrs usage/day, 365 days/year, at $0.11/kwh.
Actual costs are based on usage and electricity rates in your area.